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How will you remember the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks?

My wife and I were waiting in Tenerife Canary Islands to cross the Atlantic in our small sailboat which would have completed our 7 year circumnavigation. We were berthed next to a friendly Spanish Gentleman. Which only spoke Spanish. Shortly after noon on 9/11 as we were returning to our boat he was running franicly about the dock motioning for us to hurry to our boat. He began drawing pictures of the twin towers on a piece of paper. But we did not reconize what he was drawing, he noticed our small TV, We turned it on and although CNN was in Spanish. We watched in shock as the towers burned and fell.
Within a few hours Nationalities from Demark,France,UK,Germany,Austria, New Zealand and others began becoming to our boat to express their sorrow. That night in Tenerife the locals gathered and lit thousands of candles while hoisting the American Flag. The next day a small sailboat sailed into tenerife with the most amazing story. Shortly after listening to 9/11 on the radio a German Submarine surfaced next to them. The crew piped the rails holding up the German flag and a sign that read "AMERICA WE ARE WITH YOU' There were many times that we were proud to be Americans but none as proud as then. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Jeff and Kathryn Taylor S/V Wild Goose



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